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Your All-Important Guide to Selecting a Building Surveyor

If you’re thinking about buying property, then you should know right away that you need some surveying done. If – like most people – you need a mortgage to acquire your new home, it’s one of the demands of the mortgage provider, anyway. The survey that the mortgage provider demands, however, is nowhere near what it takes to have a better understanding of the structure you’re buying. To be safe, you need to take matters into your own hands.

Of course, that’s all easier said than done. There are many kinds of surveys, and there are many kinds of surveyors as well. How do you choose the one that is right for you? Here is your all-important guide to selecting a building surveyor.

Why have your own survey done?

Your mortgage provider will require you to have an evaluation done; and from a financial perspective (where your house serves as collateral), this is fine. But the valuation is not enough from the buyer’s point of view – the valuation doesn’t tell you any specifics about the condition of the house or what kind of problems you may expect in the future (and what kind of repairs or renovations you will need to make). To get a better idea, it’s better to have a survey done.

Selecting the kind of survey

There are many kinds of surveys that you can have done, from the very basic to the very extensive, as confirmed by surveyors Essex offers like Cheke & Co. Naturally, these will vary in price, and when choosing the kind of survey you need, make sure you do your research and consider the age and design of the prospective property.

Selecting your surveyor

Once you’ve selected the kind of survey you need done, make sure you take just as much time choosing your surveyor – it’s an important choice. Here are some tips:

  • Seeking clarification. Ask about what your surveyor can do, which reports he or she can prepare, and don’t be shy about demanding proof of qualifications.
  • Prices. Prices can vary depending on the kind of property and the kind of survey you want to get. Your surveyor should always be upfront with the costs, however.
  • Local knowledge. If your surveyor has local knowledge, he or she should be able to give you a much better deal.

Getting your own survey done is incredibly important because it can give you a much better idea of what you are getting into – which will help you shape your plans and possibly save you much time and frustration in the long run. However, it’s not a process you should just jump into; you need to take your time to select the best kind of survey for you and then to find the right surveyor for your needs.

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